Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to build women development centers in the 36 states of Nigeria. These centers will serve as a safe heaven and crisis relief centers for the women in need, victims of domestic violence, abused women and children, an acquisition skill center and many more.

Mission Statement
The Association of Nigerian Women Leaders in Diaspora (ANWLD) is committed to making efforts in empowering the Women and Youth from the African continent around the globe politically, socially, financially through leaders mentorship programs and education, providing foster care, providing scholarships, providing shelters, raising awareness on Domestic Violence, women trafficking, child abuse, providing counselors for teenage pregnancy, providing health education and hygiene, conducting vocational trainings and disease preventive education. We make all our programs, events and activities available to both the youth and the local women at the grass roots level.

ANWLD is a group of women and youth from a diverse spectrum of ethnicity, culture, religion, education, and socio-economic status. We share a common vision, to empower women/youth through education, networking or creating awareness on issues affecting our African or Nigerian Women/Youth; such as Domestic Violence, Child Support, Health/Hygiene, Foster Care for Teenage Pregnancies, Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence, Shelter for Women and Child Development Centers, Scholarships, Leadership Mentor for Youth, Support on Women for Change Initiatives, and also provide socio-economic financing for Women at the grassroots. We are non - partisan group and we stand for Democracy, Good Governance, Accountability, and Rule of Law in Nigeria and around the globe of African countries.

Empowering women through education and promoting gender equality is one of the most important and effective means of growing the economic and political strength of a nation. In today's globalization, with fast global trends, Nigerian women have urgent necessity to acquire the skills and self confidence that enables full participation in these development processes. Hence the need for women leaders capable of setting a self reliance model, with a definition of a good sense of self, as well as directions towards fitting into the social economic system. Between the year 1872 and 1918, Southwest Scotland and other developed nations debunked the consequences of gender inequality in many areas of development, resulting in expansion of females' schools and rapid recruitment of women in government. Needleless to mention the numerous reasons why Nigeria is not yet among the developed nation, a nation is as good as the educational opportunities and qualities provided.

ANWLD is on a mission to help impact, promote, facilitate, and offer encouragement to women needing to develop necessary skills, as well as inculcate self worth in Nigerian women and young girls. The focus of this mission is born out of the need for nation building and a zeal for a better society. ANWLD has a mandate to carry out a three point agenda that would be covered through workshops, symposiums, seminars and financial support to Nigerian women as the case may be. The following topics are the examples of issues to be tackled during such operations:

"Life Coaching for Women". "Self Worth and Sex". "Women For Advancement and Empowerment". "A Nation is as good as The Females Education Provided". "Nigerian Women and Self Esteem". "Domestic Abuse Syndromes" etc.

References would be drawn from various sources, for instance; the United Nations mandate for all Nations by the year 2020. And also from journals and book materials such as: "WOMEN, EDUCATION, & EMPOWERMENT" by Aruna Sharma and Rita Bashki. "THE INFLUENCE OF CATHOLICISM OVER FEMALE SECONDARY EDUCATION IN NIGERIA" by Dr. Stella Agogbuo. "DIVISION OF LABOR IN CONTEMPORARY AFRICA" by Trechie. "FEMINIST EPISTEMOLOGY FOR NATURAL SCIENCE - HAND BRAIN AND HERAT" by Waternan. Just to mention but a few. The nation has got to change for the better of tomorrow, and the time for change is now. ANWLD is making great impact both in the Nigerian society and in Diaspora at large.

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