The world cannot function without equal balance of power and teamwork. As women leaders, we do our utmost to maintain the balance by empowering ourselves to contribute towards a bright future.
We want our future to have opportunities for women in our generation - to excel, to lead and to be a powerful catalyst for change in creating a better world. Get in touch with us to ask how to be part of it.
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Association of Nigerian Women Leaders in Diaspora (ANWLD) comprise of members who move together for a single cause, which is women empowerment. Whether at home or in Diaspora, the members of our association unite and use our intelligence, skills and strengths to fight against abuse and discrimination towards women. With strong will and pure intention, we hope that our cry for justice and equality be heard worldwide.

We care about the welfare of our women. In a place where inequalities prevail and where women are treated with less respect, ANWLD's members and volunteers combine their efforts to uplift the status of our fellow women whose value is unappreciated.

Be a part of history in the making. Let us work together for a brighter future where women are treated with the same respect that men receive. For more information about our organization, please call us anytime at - 202-320-8402.

ANWLD is a non profit organization under a 501 (c)3 umbrella organization dedicated to help women and children of African countries around the globe, and to build bridges between the well woman/youth in Diaspora and the women and youth at grassroots.

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Phone: 202-320-8402
Email:  info.np@anwldusa.com
Website address: www.anwldusa.com
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